Civil Litigation


Civil and commercial litigation describes the process whereby corporate, private and public legal disputes are settled through negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, or use of the Courts. Most of these disputes relate to financial compensation but others may require a party to take a specific action or refrain from a specific action. Civil and commercial litigation therefore involves a very wide spectrum of disputes. At Oakfield Solicitors our aim is to swiftly understand the issues and provide practical and workable advice to resolve the dispute before matters become escalated. We will advise on the probability of success as well as the risks involved. Should an early settlement not be possible we will manage the dispute in an efficient, timely and dedicated matter whilst always informing you of the estimated costs and legal procedures at each stage. We will use our experience to adopt a variety of strategies to successfully resolve any civil dispute.  In appropriate cases, we may suggest the use of alternative dispute resolution, mediation or arbitration. We have considerable experience of dealing with a wide range of civil and commercial litigation matters. You will be represented by a qualified solicitor who has the necessary expertise and access to other specialists in order to provide individuals and businesses with a cost-effective and efficient service. 

Our areas of expertise include:  

  • Commercial Disputes
  • Building and Construction Disputes
  • Property Claims
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Disputes with Neighbours
  • Issues Relating to Planning Law
  • Debt Collection and Assistance
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency
  • Negligence
  • Consumer Rights and Sale of Goods Issues
  • Landlord and Tenant Disputes
  • Tenancy Deposit Protection
  • Contractual Disputes
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Inheritance Claims
  • Injunctions

Our service standards:


We aim to provide you with the highest standards of service at all times. We will:

  • keep you regularly informed in writing of progress with your matter;
  • communicate with you in plain language;
  • explain to you in writing the legal work which is required as your matter progresses;
  • keep you informed of the cost of your matter regularly;
  • keep you advised of the likely timescales for each stage of this matter and any material changes in those estimates.



To achieve the best possible outcome in your case, we need to work together with you. We will:

  • review your matter regularly;
  • advise you on the law;
  • follow your instructions;
  • update you on whether the likely outcomes still justify the likely costs and risks associated with your matter whenever there is a material change in circumstances.

You need to:

  • provide us with clear and timely instructions;
  • provide us promptly with the information and documents required to complete the transaction.

We are committed to high quality legal advice and client care.

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